Re-Membering Harmony: (Site-Specific Performance)

The overall process of creating Re-Membering Harmony was one of: research and digitizing archival material (including yearbooks and two teachers’ archives), collecting oral histories from teachers, staff, and students, documenting the site’s transformation, involving the new school and local community, mapping the site for performance areas, transcribing interviews and devising a script, editing media assets and collecting equipment, and rehearsing onsite with local actors-collaborators and rigging the space with interactive media.

The Town and Site    
site town bus
town hall bus  
Art Center Consruction    
Digitizing Archives    
archival archival archive
archival kid art yearbook
yearbook team yearbook
yearbook old school  
Projection Tests    

Working with Salmon Creek School

set set set
Show and Audience    

More information on performance projects is available from my Digital Theatre research website.