Thaw (Final Cut Pro)


Also an original piece, a collaboration through the Ping Chong performance class combining live dance and digital rear-screen projection. I conceived the piece around the soul in winter struggling between darkness and light. It consisted the following movements:

  1. Sacred candle light (w/ clarinet),
  2. The individual's reaction to the elements of nature (video projections of bluescreened performers and snow footage),
  3. Darkness and despair (digital mix of poem text -cabin fever),
  4. and a resolution (spring).

I coordinated the piece, provided text/theme, and creating visual media including shooting video footage of dancers shot in front a blue screen and outdoor scenes and editing layers together with Final Cut Pro.

Thaw Thaw Thaw Thaw
Thaw Thaw Thaw Thaw

More information on performance projects is available from my Digital Theatre research website.