“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.” ~Albert Einstein




Digital Theater & Mediated Performance

Theatre is an art form of synthesis, as is Multimedia. Since the birth of digital multimedia in the 1990's (although earlier performing technology experiments date back to the Greeks) live (co-present) theatre and digital technologies have begun to come together on stage and in performance in ways which cause us to reexamine ideas of set, costume, performer, and the theatre stage.

Theatre is human, it is the body immersed in imagination. Digital is flexible, fluid. Together they can reach a globalized audience (becoming more savvy about media) through projections, interactivity, VR, telematics, etc. Together computer and body are symbiotic--at times media and humanity are shown in gaping contrast, other times the combination is stellar.

As a scholar and practitioner of Digital Theatre and performance, I continue to explore the meeting places of data and flesh, image and word, thought and substance.