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Telling Stories Through Images:

I love color and have experimented with creating pallets. Occasionally, I like working with grayscale or other simplified choices, but the play of light is one of my favorite elements.

Photographysubject of grace, movement, and stillness, perseverance

Corporate Display DesignWorked with Gobal Design team on visual Look

PPT decks Fresh natural design within corp pallet

SquareSpace Website and LogoNPO launch California Living Arts Project.

Illustration Perriwinkle flowers, Illustrator

Floral DesignWeddings, color

Website DesignWine Industry

Sign Illustration Illustrator

Blog Visual DesignSelecting images for cover with careful eye to shape and color to evoke a unique mood for each monthly edition and set of content.

Painting to tell a storyAcrylic on Canvas. 2 friends: Fish and Vinegar


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