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Telling Stories Through Images:

Color, light, shape, texture, and inspiration. I love the shapes and colors of nature but also enjoy working with technology.

Compositing: Waiting For You This work is composed of original photography including cousin’s horse at her memorial, park in Oakland from which I extracted the backgrounds, and dozens of pictures of sunsets and other skies I have seen.

Illustrator: CA PoppyI love the form and color of flowers and leaves.  I study flowers and natural forms through photography and draw them in Illustrator.

Logos: Illustrator North Coast Water Coalition, Simply Sonoma Sonoma blog (also created signature font style, color schemes, and positioning), North Coast Water Coalition

Photography: Content tomato/shell (texture, color, contrast)

Posters: Theatrical ProductionsPiano Lesson, Machinal, Hamlet

Video: Projection, Conferencing, Editing, InteractiveWater interactive video installation (midi and original video), Elements (original video composited in real time with live dancer), Morningstar (digitizing archival information, multiple screen projection for stage production, some collage and animation), Outside/In Access Grid (innovative use of Personal Interface to Grid allowing for real-time multi-site performance from outdoor environments demonstrating Access Grid videoconferencing technology in black-box scripted performance), ReMembering Harmony (3 years of ethnographic study leading to interactive site-specific event staged for a community dealing with gentrification and loss of public land included large-scale projection, interactivity, actors with a script based on community transcriptions, experiential elements and film of interviews), cinematographer on independent film, projection designer for Machinal University of Maryland (film research at National Archives, editing in Final Cut Pro), Thaw (choreography, filming, video editing, projection), additional video and midi in ArtGrid Interplay performances.

Blog: Photo Content Photographing subjects for articles for every issue of Simply Sonoma. Take a look: Simply Sonoma


Photograph title here Photograph description and stuff goes right here.

Web Design: ACTF Created images and design for major festival based on a light pallet and rich images of theatrical production.

Packaging: Tea This is a design created with hand drawn and vector based elements.

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If you would like to see more, please see design section of my web site: nadjaart/graphics