“The body is shaped, disciplined, honored, and in time, trusted.” ~Martha Graham



Managing Others

Management is about understanding the work or the systems of an organization, and how to organize and manage them for optimal results. Throughout my career, I have managed both the people and the strategies involved with many events and organizations to produce amazing results.

As the director of numerous theatrical productions, I have managed and trained the cast and crew; scheduled and managed deadlines; organized the disparate elements of the productions; worked with different departments and craftspeople; attended to the details of the different sections of the project, bringing them together as a cohesive whole; and I have maintained the overall aesthetic vision for every production.

For one project, I managed the artistic and technical personnel from multiple, geographically disparate locations across the globe.

I have used a variety of classroom management techniques to involve my students and create for them the best possible learning environment.

I have pulled together artisans and technologists with like minds from disparate fields (including music, dance, art, and theatre) to found a performance group and produce an innovative theatrical production, the likes of which had never been seen before. I facilitated meetings with these different members, and oversaw the structure, coming up with a performance structure, thus allowing the same group of people to work in four teams and collaborate on the whole, so that their aesthetics and skill sets could combine in an egalitarian and cohesive manner. I matched up the technologists with the creative performers, and helped steer them in a hands-off way toward the themic container.

I have managed, trained, scheduled, and coordinated docents at two different arts centers. I supervised the tasks for the docents, allowing them to focus on the technical work of being a docent.