“The true, strong, and sound mind is the mind that can embrace equally great things and small.” ~Samuel Johnson





In addition to web and graphic design services, I also offer web maintenance (or updating) for a fee. Maintenance can be as simple as adding a new photo, or changing a paragraph--to revisiting, editing or adding new sections to your web site.

Some clients prefer regular bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly or yearly updates, others simply phone/email in with new requests. Still others request instruction on the basics of site maintenance.

Some of the sites I have maintained include:

Occidental Community Council


I have been maintaining this site monthly for at least 4-5 years and just got to do my first redesign. It was much needed and I'm happy with the new look and more balanced functionality.

The Dream Farmers

I maintained this site for 1-2 years.

Women and Theatre Program

This site has been merged into the new larger focus group website for ATHE. I maintained it for a period of about 4 years or more.

The Sonoma County Book Festival

Sadly, this great local non-profit is no longer in existance. I maintained this site for a year.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts


I built, redesigned and mantained this site for a period of several years (about 6).

archival link

Art At The Source

I maintained this site for about 2-3 years.

archival link


This site is no longer active, but was created as a project management tool for the Elements production process, so that collaborating teams could collectively post design ideas and share information and create the project through conversation.

Additional samples of maintenance work (such as the Ren Brown Gallery) was done under the umbrella of other organizations like ICN and PBHS and can be seen on the web folio page.