Many links need to be checked. The web is not a static medium, so some sites exist now only as snap shots of their former state.

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Simply Sonoma
Simply Sonoma

A blog on Relaxation and Living Well in Sonoma County. I edit, photograph and write for this blog. Please not the design that goes into selecting a look for each cover.

Bluebird Interactive

I also researched and wrote web verticals for Bluebird Interactive a webmedia start up that folded.

Flowers at Ivy Cottage

Floral design website redo improved image quality.

Behind The Redwood Curtain

Logo work & photography as well as website.

Chinese Cresteds

A site about the Chinese Crested toy dog.  Heavenly Chinese Cresteds is a small suburban kennel located just north of San Francisco in Novato, California.  

Shivering Rose

A Shivering Rose

This attractive floral site was was a huge project which the client and I built from scratch in Dreamweaver then worked into a print catalog in Pagemaker.

Sommer Vineyards

Alexander Valley Winegrowers

These are websites that I designed for KreckWeb Design clients using Photoshop 6, ImageReady, Illustrator, Dreamweaver 3, and some Java scripting, I did some content work too. Other samples of my work can be found at


IC Network International Pages

Bladder Health Network


I working on a variety of projects for ICN. This included site maintenance (Ren Brown Collection), an online educational booklet, and site construction --building & adding content to template pages. I built a sister site to the ICN, the BHN or Bladder Health Network.

Paid Internship with PBHS


These are samples from projects at PBHS web designs. I reworked graphics, updated text, uploaded files, fixed rollovers, etc. I worked in Go Live, Photoshop 5.5 and Image Ready, Fetch, and Be Found. I also worked on Dr. Tenhulzen
Oral Surgery Group
and Dr. Kwan's site which had lovely orchids and pastel colors as part of the design.

Traveling Faster Than The Speed of Light

Traveling Faster Than the Speed of Light

Traveling Faster Than The Speed of Light an independent film by Verdandi Productions. I designed this site in Photoshop and built it with Dreamweaver.

Site Design: Sonoma Spa


I built the Sonoma Spa site in a day creating all the headers and other graphics in Photoshop and assembling them in Dreamweaver using templates.



The official site for the 2005 FIRT/IFTR conference: Citizen Artists: Theatre, Culture, and Community. I created the interface for the site (and graphics).




The American College Theatre Festival Region 2 website. I created the graphic design for the site. Unfortunately the inside content is no longer available.

Study In France

Summer of Theatre in France

A site created for the University of Maryland's Department of Theatre and the Study Abroad Office.

There is one more website for study with the Friches, with a wonderfully dark theatrical design and great photo frames. I will post what is left of it as soon as I can.

Digital Theatre
Maryland Institute for TechnologyHumanities Fellowship
Occidental Community Council websiteOccidental Community Council Website
Recently I redesigned the Occidental Community Council Website I have been maintaing for years. It uses the existing framework but with a much fresher, cleaner look and a lot of work went into mapping and clarifying the content structure. I encorperated my origional photography of the local landscape.


Womens Global Leadership Initiative

As part of my involvement with the Women's Global Leadership I worked as the head of marketing which included a total website redesign. The majority of our process was to have a clean site with well organized content -site mapping.

The WGLI site has no doubt developed again since then, but the information design framework is still present.

Ledin Fountation

Suzanne Ledin Memorial Foundation

The foundation was established in honor of Suzanne F. Ledin, who worked in blood banking for 24 years.

The New 2001 Site
Sebastopol Center for the Arts


I redesigned the site and gave it a graphic facelift for spring 2001. I maintained the SCA site from its conception until my move back East. (About 4yrs) It looks pretty much the same today. I used thier colors (yellow, purple, green) and logo to design a nice rollover and nav bar.

(1997-2000 I created the original site first in HTML with Photoshop then later used Dreamweaver and Fireworks.)


Art At The Source

Artist's Studio Tour 2002 in Western Sonoma County. This site was built with Dreamweaver & DeBabelizer (converting from print tiffs) and Photoshop 5.5 and ImageReady. I tried to improve the usability of the print original. I maintained it for 3 years.


Science Interchange

Science Interchange

For this project, I redesigned the interface of a text heavy site, including creating graphic collages.


Occidental Community Choir

I worked on this site as a member of a design team, and contributed the landscape photos, as well as information flow and design input. The site is still in progress. See also /

Marine Mammal

The Marine Mammal Center Corporate Fundraising CD

I enjoyed working with a group of students in the 200 project class at IVC at College of Marin. I did story boarding, the bulk of the background & onsite/ animal release photography, researched and wrote the fact pages, scanned image files and DeBabelized the pict files into adaptive and superpallets. Our finished product was presented on Dec. 16th 1998.

Ann Elliot

Ann Eliot -Artist

This site was rebuilt from semi-functional site in Dreamweaver.

Rus Logo

Russ Powell


Dreamweaver, Photoshop & Image Ready. Some HTML and Javascript clean up. Proofs feature a redesigned logo I did in Illustrator.

Tony Sheets
Tony Sheets Sculptor
I built the site in Dreamweaver and used Fireworks to slice the images, it is a very clean site with good navigation.

E-commerce sites for individuals Captain Rau


Site for e-bay sales and easy client update, built with Dreamweaver, Photoshop & Image Ready.


ICN Coloring Book: "My Mom Has IC"

Illustration, layout, writing and editing of an online children's educational coloring book in bladder issues.
Teaching Digital Directions This website represents the course work and lesson planning I did for a course sponsored by MITH -Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities). In the intensive sessions I team taught Flash, Photoshop, Web, Non-Linear Poetry, AI, mediated communities/art and more.
end act
Authorware: Acting for Beginners
This project was fun and very fulfilling, I really enjoyed using Authorware, DeBabelizer, and sound files.


ELEMENTS : an interdisciplinary media performance collaboration

I built this site at MITH during my second fellowship, documenting my work with the Digital Performance Group. Elements was and interdisciplinary media performance which informed my dissertation.




Research/exploration project for Dr. John Fuegi's UMD class on pre and post Guttenbergian communication. I traced a synchronistic symbol through the pre-book, press, and digital eras.

Evolution Yoga

Evolution Yoga

This site features a Flash opening page. I built the site and animation from the clients designs.


Being Human Interface rollover


Chrysalis Prototype


A very early design. I liked the butterfly rollovers where the wings open and close, but it was "too much."

(I'm currently looking for old version of the file. Please check again soon. Thanks.)

Diane Masura Tile Setter
An early pictorial site about tile, tile fountains, and the local environment. Just HTML and gif photos..
Larry Rau's Radio Page A frame site featuring a radio repair form, nature vacations, and literary gems. Just HTML. (it's very bright-- Let me know if you'd like me tot reload it)
Charles Sigfried Antique Car Radio
An add site for a local tinker extraordinaire. Just HTML.