“Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.” ~Cicero



Creative Arts

Art making is something I do because I want to, and sometimes because I have to. I believe in interdisciplinary because its what I do. Whether it be painting, photography, or writing - I find a state of peace and reflection in the creative interpretation of the world around and inside of me.

Although I have taken workshops or college classes in the arts, I consider myself an outsider artist--somewhat informally or self taught. I started young. My uncle, an art professor, taught me to trust my artistic intuition (his greatest gift to me). My father also encouraged me in photography, putting a camera in my hands at age 8; I later learned by watching other family artists compose with the lens. I have written poetry since I can remember. And in the last ten years I've taken up painting-- primarily for myself and to gift to friends.

While I have show in local galleries and published in journals, my greatest happiness (besides creating) is when someone says they "really like that one!" Its wonderful to unexpectedly connect to someone through what you thought was an individual process or visual statement.

Currently I am working on exploring the performativity of art--working with three dimensional objects. I'm very excited to see how this will go...