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I am currently working on a few installations using video, audio, and interactive triggers. Subjects include: disability, memory, and water. Often these pieces develop into performances, however here is one example of an interactive installation which remained a visitor experience, rather than audience event.

Water Interactive Installation
(Max Jitter, Video, Premiere)

This installation came out of my unending fascination with water--it's flow, surface tension, the way it reflects light, how it shapes it's environment at the same time that it is often observable though the elements interacting with it. (I had been collecting video and stills of water from the Baltimore Aquarium, the Pacific, Atlantic and from rivers, creeks, and ponds in between for many years.) The interactivity of the piece to explore these fascinations and also allowed me to suggest the impact of human interaction with water and our ecological impact on fresh water.

There was one static video piece (a loop of air bubbles and a school of fish from multiple angles in different stacked monitors), the rest were triggered by motion, tap tiles, and pressure sensors. In one case the visitor changed the playback rate/direction of video in a sense conducting a raging waterfall. In another, clean water becomes the garbage strewn surface of the Potomac. Still in another a female human form is seen only when the visitor touches the water itself. Another featured an electric stripe of color.


water art water art
water art water art